Since this project’s inception many people provided valuable assistance, information and encouragement - to each I owe a considerable debt of gratitude.  In particular, I wish to acknowledge:  the mentorship of James Edmonson, Chief Curator at the Dittrick Museum of Medical History, and his entire staff for their ideas and for permitting me open access to trade catalogs; Tommaso Falcone, Mark Walters and James Young, colleagues at The Cleveland Clinic, who urged me to pursue a more scholarly approach to my collecting and who supported this endeavor; Jeff Sheppard, my most excellent friend, who designed my logo and who supports any and all of my hair brained ideas.  The persons most responsible for the sites architecture and construction are:  Ben Hamilton, designer and Anna Claspy, Theresa Dunne, Madonna Hettinger, Katie Holt and Heather Smith from the College of Wooster’s AMRE Program.  Among friends with a shared passion for medical antiques, I wish to thank Duncan Roberts, Douglas Arbittier, Michael Gordon, Randy Grantham and Robert Greenspan for sending objects my way and countless consultations.  Finally, my deepest gratitude goes to my family whose encouragement and tolerance for my passion seems endless.  Thanks so much, Rachel, Sarah, Anthony, and especially Cindy for permitting me one more minute to look for the one thing that I need.